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Body Energizer -- $20 for 30 minutes

Body Energizer
Sit down and put your feet on the Biaxial Body Energizer and you'll begin to feel a difference almost immediately.  The soles of your feet may start to tingle. Then you'll  begin to notice a mild massaging effect that will spread to your legs.  Soon, this sense of relaxation and release of tension suffuses through your body.  It's a stimulating feeling as well.  You'll feel energized, as if you have just had a good rest.
This is the only magnetic technology that operates in more than two dimensions.  Conventional magnets have limited magnetic activity.  The magnetic energy flows from one pole to the other, around the edge of the magnet.  Magnetic Biaxial Rotation constantly points the magnetic poles in all directions-producing a field that is dynamic rather than stationary.  

Body Energizer Benefits: